Second Annual Corporate Security Modernization Forum Europe

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Here’s why you cannot miss the Corporate Security Modernization Forum Europe online:

1. Learn from the most relevant leaders in both the corporate and private security domains, and bring back high value solutions specific to your role. 

2. Take advantage of the online event experience including not spending money on travel and accomodation, no time out of the office, and you can enjoy the event around your schedule and network virtually with your peers. 

3. Interact with your equivalent in the private or corporate security spheres or reach out across the divide to your counterpart to explore lasting convergence. The online event technology experience means you can put your specific pain points & questions to our expert speakers and panelists and get direct, actionable answers.

4. All for a nominal fee! There’s no full conference cost, and no travel costs. All you need is access to the internet, from anywhere in the world, on any device! 

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